Nutritional Advise In Calgary

Diet culture has skewed our way of thinking around healthy eating and has made it difficult to properly navigate through the “nutrition noise” that bombards us on a daily basis.

This holds true especially for those trying to make a positive change with their nutrition and overall lifestyle. In your nutrition counseling sessions sw  will help you gain clarity around your body’s nutritional requirements and take control of your health.

Understanding your relationship with food is key in making a long-term change. You’ll be able to confidently establish healthy habits while fueling your body in a way that will help you achieve your health goals.

With professional support and advice, along with effective tools, we  prides itself on helping its clients achieve positive results. The less complicated nutrition is, the easier it becomes to rid ourselves of bad habits that are no longer serving us.

Through your sessions, we’ll focus on education around nutritional requirements, intuitive eating, and developing healthy habits.  You will learn to make healthy choices while at the same time, nourishing your body while living your best life!

We believe everyone should live their life energized and with a positive outlook on their health and well-being! Contact us today!




One session per week   $80 hr

Two sessions per week   $75 hr

Three sessions per week   $65 hr

Four sessions per week   $60 hr

Out of Gym Training   $115.50/hr and up depending on location


One session per week   $80/hr

Two sessions per week   $94.50/hr

Three sessions per week   $89.25/hr

Four sessions per week   $84.00/hr

Out of Gym Training   $126.00/hr and up depending on location


Package 1: 1 Consultation & 3x 1hr personal training sessions $250

Package 2: 1 Consultation & 6x 1hr personal training sessions $450

Package 3: 1 Consultation, 12x 1hr personal training sessions & program $995